PLAC offers companies sponsorship opportunities at a variety of levels.  We offer exclusive year-long partnerships as well as sponsorships for our conferences, regional events and webinars.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how your firm can increase its visibility with our membership.

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Sponsorship opportunities include the following:

Strategic Partners
- guaranteed 12-month exclusivity as to their core business at all PLAC conferences and other live events.  Partners will be offered the opportunity to renew their commitment on an annual basis.  

Platinum Sponsors - guaranteed exclusivity as to their core business for the conference at which they are a sponsor.  Platinum Sponsors will be offered the opportunity to renew their sponsorship commitment after each conference, before sponsorship opportunities for the next conference are opened to other companies.  

Gold Level Sponsors – conference and event sponsorship fit for companies that want to “test the waters” with our assocation.

In addition we offer tailored sponsorships related to webinars, industry summits, regional networking events.

2019 Strategic Partners