Comprised of more than 100 leading product manufacturers (see our corporate members) and 350 of the most elite product liability defense counsels operating in the US and abroad, the Product Liability Advisory Council, “PLAC,” is a non-profit association formed in 1983 to analyze, understand, and shape the common law of product liability and complex litigation.

Our Corporate Membership is drawn from a broad cross-section of American and international product manufacturing companies. Our mission is to help our members successfully manage every link in the liability chain—from product design to manufacture to distribution through sale to end-users, and on to post-sale responsibilities.

We help clarify the law through the appellate process and foster advantageous case resolutions by fortifying our members’ legal defenses. In the US and abroad, we strive to help shape the legal landscape—one case at a time—by enhancing and reforming the law affecting complex litigation and product liability. Our point of view reflects the collective experience of companies in diverse manufacturing industries—companies that have successfully tried tens of thousands of cases over decades.

While PLAC was created by and for in-house corporate attorneys, our membership also includes an elite cadre of “by-invitation-only” defense trial and appellate attorneys with deep experience in complex litigation matters. These Sustaining Members of PLAC share their collective wisdom, derived from hundreds of jury trials and appeals conducted across the entire product litigation. Our Sustaining Members support our Corporate Members and each other, tapping into their considerable skills and expertise to draft amicus briefs, formulate and deliver compelling seminar content, and lead special projects. They are “on call” to the corporate counsel of PLAC—providing rapid response confidential counsel on strategies, experts and mediators when legal priorities are the most urgent. The PLAC commonwealth also includes many of the leading trial consulting firms who partner with our member companies and firms to successfully manage complex product litigation.