What We Do

What We Do

The Product Liability Advisory Council helps the world’s leading manufacturers anticipate and minimize the cost of litigation. We help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers manage the “now” and prepare for the “next” in an increasingly complex legal environment.

Over the course of the 30 years we have operated, the legal issues we have helped our members manage have evolved dramatically. What began with classic product liability cases has evolved into expertise in complex litigation cases covering such diverse issues as:

PLAC is a unique resource for companies who must defend their products’ integrity and their companies’ reputation. While the legal issues we help our members manage have changed, our methods—which have proved extremely effective—remain the same. The PLAC commonwealth helps our members prepare for trial using the most up to date methods and strategies available. We help our members get above the “game board” to identify patterns and trends as they begin to appear. It is possible to do this when your perspective is focused and informed by multiple cases arising in diverse industries in multiple jurisdictions.

Amicus Briefs

The common law isn’t made in a day. It is dynamic. It is made one case at a time—methodically, patiently, year after year.

PLAC is known for its thoughtful advocacy in support of manufacturers and those in the retail chain—we have filed more than 1,000 amicus curiae in support of our members’ cases and on issues of national importance. These briefs have been accepted in nearly every state and federal court in the nation. Six in ten of our amicus briefs are presented before state Supreme Courts; another one third are before the United States Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court; and the remaining ten percent before state Intermediate Appellate Courts.


PLAC hosts semi-annual conferences—open only to members. At these conferences, which qualify for MCLE credit, leading in-house counsel and elite, top-tier defense counsel share their views of the current litigation environment and identify where the law is headed as new theories of liability emerge.

Our members say a PLAC conference is akin to attending a bar review course that propels them “six months ahead of the curve” upon return to their offices.

Litigation Support

In addition to our amicus practice, we also provide our corporate member’s with legal intelligence, insight, information, guidance on litigation management best practices. Our on-line knowledge base of amicus briefs, court opinions, white papers, and conference presentations provide corporate attorneys and litigators with the most salient, up-to-the-minute legal resources required to navigate the current—and future—litigation environment.